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Reading for information and comparing

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The famous sitcom and now movie "Sex and the City" makes use of so many comparisons, people in New York are always comparing their clothes, bodies, houses, salaries etc.... etc... ! Read about the different characters from the movie and complete the comparative and superlative gap fill.

Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) was born in 1965, she is not very tall and loves clothes. She is a hard-working writer and has been working for 19 years; she's really happy in her job. Carrie is very beautiful and stylish. She has light brown, curly hair and a thin figure. Carrie is the main character in her movie "sex and the city".

Mr Big (Chris Noth) was born in 1954, he has dark brown hair. He is quite happy in his job, he works very hard. Although he is very handsome, Mr Big doesn't have much style.

Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) was born in 1966. Miranda is attractive but not as beautiful as Carrie. She is not very happy in her job.

Charlotte York McDougal (Kristin Davis) is a tall, blonde. She was also born in 1964. Charlotte doesn't work but spends a lot of her free time looking for handsome men to seduce.

Today's lesson is from Amy Whiting, Cape Town English language school.

Link: Practice Superlatives

  • Young/old: Carrie is than Mr Big
  • Young/old: Mr Big is the
  • Young/old: Carrie is than Miranda
  • Young/old: Miranda is the
  • Young/old: Carrie and Charlotte are the age
  • Thin: Carrie is than Charlotte
  • Happy: Mr Big is than Miranda is his job,
  • Happy: but Carrie is the
  • Hard: Carrie works than Charlotte
  • Hard: Mr Big works the
  • More / Less: Carrie has style than Charlotte
  • More / Less: Miranda has the style
  • More / Less: Mr Big has style than Charlotte
  • More / Less: Carrie has the style
  • Big: Carrie is a star because of her sitcom and movie "sex and the city",
  • Big: she's a star than most women her age
  • Big: she is the star in Hollywood.