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Reading: Travel Money Tips

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I'm sure many of you are looking forward to a nice relaxing holiday. Personally, I'd love to go relax on a beach somewhere with an ice-cream and a book. But, holidays can be expensive, so here's some tips to help you keep your holiday low-cost. Read through the article and complete the gaps with the missing vocabulary listed below. Let us know if you have any holiday plans!

Lesson by Caroline

Missing Words

Annual - yearly
Treats – nice things you get for yourself and your family
Book - reserve
Comparison – comparing things to see the differences
Destination – the place you travel to
Emergencies – unexpected big problems
Treatment – the giving of medicines/surgery etc

Get Travel Insurance

If you travel more than once a year, consider buying _1_ travel insurance. Travelling in Europe, make sure everyone you go with has a free European Health Insurance Card, gets you _2_ in local hospitals for local prices.

Save Spending Money

Be careful with your spending money or you will think vacations are for _3_ and splurge. Try saving a little money each week throughout the year towards your holiday.

Take a credit card with you just in case, but try not to use it. Leave it in your hotel, where it will be available in _4_.

Oraganise Travel Early

Visit price _5_ sites online for your flights. You will find the best deals if you book early. It’s usually cheaper to travel during the week than on weekends. It’s also a good idea to _6_ your hotel and car-hire in advance. You’ll pay more if you do these things when you arrive.

Organise your clothes

Choose the clothes you want to take with you a couple of weeks before you go. That way you can check that they are suitable for the _7_. By knowing exactly what you have already and what you need you can avoid those last minute panic buys.

Now choose the correct seven missings words to complete the reading.

  • Missing Word 1 is:
  • Missing Word 2 is:
  • Missing Word 3 is:
  • Missing Word 4 is:
  • Missing Word 5 is:
  • Missing Word 6 is:
  • Missing Word 7 is: