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Regular and Irregular Verbs

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Most English verbs follow the same rule: the past tense is formed by adding -ed to the present form.

I called you but you didn't answer.
She booked us a table at the restaurant.
I accidentally closed the document I was working on.

Today we look at a few of the 180 irregular verbs which do not follow this rule.

Irregular Verbs

We felt tired after our long walk. (past tense of feel)
Have you thought about buying a new car? (past participle of think)
This is the best report you have ever written. (past participle of write)

Now decide if the following sentences use a regular or irregular verb:

  • 1) His proposal was accepted.

  • 2) The plans divided opinion.

  • 3) They all went for a drive.

  • 4) The kitten bit my finger.

  • 5) The boxes were destroyed in the fire.

  • 6) He sat on the sofa and watched TV.

  • 7) Colin tore a muscle playing tennis.

  • 8) He chased his sister through the park.

  • 9) Who knocked the cup over?

  • 10) They found some old coins in the cellar.