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Past Simple Tense - Disneyland Reading for Low-Intermediate

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Below is a small text about a 10 year old girls experience on a trip to Disneyland. However, some of the text is missing. All the verbs below fit into the text but they must be changed to past simple.

Have you ever been to a theme park like Disneyland, how was it?

Missing Words

Remember to change these words to past simple.

  • Show
  • Realise
  • Refuse
  • Manage
  • Want
  • Like
  • Hug
  • Dance
  • Jump (x2)

Visiting Disneyland

When mum _1_ me the invitation to Disneyland on Thursday night I _2_ up and down and _3_ on the spot, thinking so many thinking different thoughts – when and where and how? We were going to Disneyland in Paris!

When I woke up the next morning I almost fell out of bed with excitement – I was going on the Eurostar to Paris for a weekend of rides and magic. When we got there I _4_ I was standing outside a kid’s dream come true - the place where everything you do is magic and fantasy is all around.

I couldn't wait to get on the rides and we _5_ straight onto Big Thunder Mountain which was the best of all. Indiana Jones? Not for me as it looked too scary, but mum _6_ to persuade me to go on the Aerosmith ride. I heard mum screaming all the way round and she _7_ to go on it again although I really _8_ another go. We _9_ the Toy Story area, with the green soldiers running around and the parachute ride.

I met most of the Disney characters and they all _10_ me and gave me their autographs so I could show my friends at school. Minnie and Micky Mouse and Donald and Daisy Duck were so fun and kept hugging me. I had an amazing time and met some lovely people. It was one of the best weekends I have ever had. I hope my brother and sister can come next time!

Lesson by Caroline

Now add the correct missing words and change them to the past simple test:

  • Missing word 1:
  • Missing word 2:
  • Missing word 3:
  • Missing word 4:
  • Missing word 5:
  • Missing word 6:
  • Missing word 7:
  • Missing word 8:
  • Missing word 9:
  • Missing word 10: