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Regular Verbs - Elementary Level

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Look at the paragraph below and change the verbs in brackets into past tense.

Yesterday was Sarah's birthday. She (work) _1_ in the morning, and then she (walk) _2_ home at 2 'o clock. Before she (start) _3_ her job she had (study) _4_ for four years.
When she (arrive) _5_ home she (open) _6_ the front door and (look) _7_ at what was in front of her. The dog had (chew) _8_ her favourite sofa and (jump) _9_ all over her white cushions. She (realise) _10_ her vase was missing too and found it had been (knock) _11_ over and was lying on the floor.
She found her dog in the kitchen it had also (kick) _12_ over the fruit bowl and the fruit had (roll)_13_ onto the floor. She sat down in her chair and (cry) _14_, she was so angry because she had (plan) _15_ to have a dinner party at her house and everything was (ruin) _16_, but when she looked at her dogs innocent eyes she (start) _17_ to feel sorry for him. So she (clean) _18_ up the mess and forgot it had ever (happen) _19_.

Regular past tense verbs are made by adding -ed to the end of the main verb. However there are some spelling rules that must followed:

  • When the verb ends in a y, the y must be taken away and an i must be added instead.
  • When the word is one syllable and has a consonant-vowel-consonant sequence at the end, the last letter must be doubled.
  • When the word ends in an e, the e must remain and only a d must be added to make it a past verb.

Lesson by Amy at EC Cape Town English language school

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