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Relationship Idioms

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These idioms could relate to relationships between friends, family members or partners. Can you work out which idiom completes each sentence? When you're finished, why not try and write some of your own sentences using these idioms?
Lesson by Caroline


Bad blood - Hatred or dislike among individuals or groups of people.
You can't please everyone - No single action can make everyone action.
Build bridges - To increase understanding / friendship between different people or groups.
Blood is thicker than water - People who are related have stronger obligations to each other than to people outside the family.
Have strong feelings - To have strong emotions for someone, often attraction.
Fair-weather friend - Someone who is your friend only when things are pleasant or going well for you.
An item - A term used for a couple who are in a relationship.
Blind date - A blind date is when the two people going out on the date are meeting for the first time.
The honeymoon is over - The early pleasant beginning (as at the start of a marriage) has ended.

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  • 1. Don't be upset if they don't understand you, Gemma ___.

  • 2. She's one of those people who is only around when everything is fine. She's a ___.

  • 3. Yes, James and I are ___ now. We've been dating for two months.

  • 4. I'm going on a ___ I'm so nervous! What if I'm not attracted to him?

  • 5. Our relationship has gotten much harder since we had children. I think ___.

  • 6. I know you're angry with your brother. But remember, ___.

  • 7. There's no ___ between us now. We hadn't spoken for weeks but we made up last Monday.

  • 8. I think we should try to ___ between Jess and Sophie, I'm sick of them fighting.

  • 9. I ___ for him, but unfortunately I don't think he feels the same way about me.