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Relative Clauses - who, whose, where, which

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Let's take an intermediate level look at relative clauses.

A relative clause tells us which thing or person the speaker means.

"The man who works in the bank is my brother" - 'who works in the bank' tells us which man.

We use who in relative clauses for a person. Who is followed by a verb.
We use whose in relative clauses instead of his/hers/theirs. Whose is followed by a noun.
We use where in relative clauses to talk about a place. Where is followed by a noun or pronoun.
We use which (and that) in relative clauses to talk about a thing.

Use the link below for more detailed information

Link: What is a relative clause?

Complete the sentences using one of the words provided. Also, do you know the answers to the ten questions?

  • 1 - Can you name man ___ was America's first president?

  • 2 - Can you name the country ___ was the birthplace of Mozart?

  • 3 - Can you name British singer ___ sang 'Imagine'?

  • 4 - Can you name the basektball team ___ Michael Jordan won 6 NBA titles with?

  • 5 - Can you name the country ___ Mount Everest can be found?

  • 6 - Can you name artist ___ famous painting is called 'The Girl with the Pearl Earring'?

  • 7 - Can you name scientist ___ discovered radiation?

  • 8 - Can you name the city ___ Barack Obama was born?

  • 9 - Can you name the actress ___ real name was Norma Jeane?

  • 10 - Can you name the country ___ is well known for the tango dance?