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Repeating Subjects

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Is the structure of this sentence correct?

"My hometown it is very big."

What is it in this sentence?

It is a pronoun that, in this sentence, means my hometown. We do not need to use my hometown AND it in this sentence. A common mistake that teachers hear their English students make is repeating the subject of a sentence. The correct sentence is

"My hometown is very big."

Here are three examples of sentences that have double-subject mistakes. The correct sentences are also shown.

X My sister she is a nurse.
My sister is a nurse.

X Where is the new car that you bought it?
Where is the new car that you bought?

X The mountains we visited them were beautiful.
The mountains we visited were beautiful.

It's ok to repeat a subject when you use two clauses:

I don't know why brought an umbrella, but let's take it anyway.

Now decide if these sentences are correct or not:

  • 1 - After studying so hard, you will be a better English speaker.

  • 2 - It often rains in Manchester.

  • 3 - The cake I made it is too sweet.

  • 4 - The final, it was an exciting match.

  • 5 - My neighbour he is very handsome.

  • 6 - Do you like science? I've always been interested in it.

  • 7 - After walking for a long time, we decided to take a bus instead.