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Reported Speech – Intermediate Level

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When you use reported speech, it's not necessary to change the tense of verbs if the event or situation you are reporting is still true, but a past form must be used when there’s a difference between what was reported and what is true now. Remember that there’s no difference between reported and direct speech.

Direct: Will said, "South Africa is hotter than England."

Reported: Will said that South Africa is hotter than England. (reported)

Change the direct sentences into reported speech (Click Show Answers below to see the correct answers).

e.g. "I've never been to America," Sharon said to me. = Sharon said that she has never been to America.

  1. "I can't drive a car," Leon said to me.
  2. "You should see a specialist for your acne," my doctor said to me.
  3. "You need to get revenge on your coworker for stealing your  idea," Emma said to me.
  4. "Everyone needs to be careful because there have been three burglaries this week," Officer Bill said to me.
  5. "I worry about having an acne problem, so I never eat greasy food," Jill said to me.

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Complete the sentences with "say" or "tell":

  • 1 - Where is Karen? She ___she would be home by 9pm..

  • 2 - Did you ___ the boss about your plan to quadruple our profits?

  • 3 - Ian ___ that Matt was arrested for burglary.

  • 4 - The policeman ___ me to show him my driver's license.

  • 5 - My neighbour ___ the police that I didn't pay my taxes.