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Reported Speech for Beginners

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A - Practice changing these sentences from Direct to Reported Speech. You do not need to change the verb tense.

E.g. Nancy: The world is beautiful.

Nancy says (that) the world is beautiful.

1. Bobby: Jacob has a lot of friends.

2. Diane: It's time to get ready.

3. Mike: The weather is great today.

4. Drew: Most people are friendly.

5. Stacy: It a beautiful day.

B - Now let's practice changing sentences from Direct to Reported (Indirect) Speech some more, but be sure to complete the Reported Speech sentences using the correct pronouns.

E.g. Lindsay (yesterday): My brother's putting on a musical show tomorrow night.

Lindsay said (that) her brother's putting on a musical show tonight.

1. Bill: I love playing golf.

2. Jane (to Tom): I enjoy talking to your brother.

3. Tom (to Jane): I don’t know why you enjoy talking to my brother.

4. Tom: I wonder if Jane enjoys talking to me.

5. Ned (a few days ago): I am having a job interview later today.

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