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Reported Speech Practice: Pre-Intermediate Level

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Use reported speech to tell someone what another person said e.g.
Jack told me he played tennis.

If the reporting verb is in the past, the reported clause is in a past form.This form is usually one step back into the past from the original, eg.
"I play the piano." → She said she played the piano.
"I ate toast for breakfast." → He told me he had eaten toast for breakfast.
"I will call you after the meeting." → She said she would call me after the meeting.

It is commom to use say and tell when reporting speech.
Tell is followed by an object: He told me he was tired.
Say is not followed by an object: She said she worked in Germany (NOT She said me she worked in Germany).

It is often necessary to change pronouns to match the subject of the sentence, eg
He said, "I like football." → He said he liked football.
Mary: "I can come." → Mary said she could come.

Now complete these sentences using the correct for of reported speech:

  • 1. "I live with my family." She said she ___.

  • 2. "I don't like vegetables." He told me he ___.

  • 3. "I'm doing my homework." She told me she ___.

  • 4. "I've seen that film." He said he ___.

  • 5. "I haven't been to Turkey." She said she ___.

  • 6. "I enjoy playing tennis." He told me he ___.

  • 7. "I arrived at 10:30." She told me she ___.

  • 8. "I will remember." He said he ___.

  • 9. "I'm a new student." She said she ___.

  • 10. "I woke up late." He told me he ___.