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Restaurant Vocabulary

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How well do you remember all the vocabulary related to restaurants? I have written a description of one of my favourite restaurants below but I've mixed up the letters of the orange words, can you work out what they should be?

Bonus question: What do Americans call the 'bill'?

Good luck!

Lesson by Caroline

Restaurant Word Scramble - Elementary Level

I love going to restaurants. My favourite restaurant is called 'Caro's' and it serves typical English  food. When I go, I always sit at the same btale. It is by the window and has a view of the River Thames.

First, I ask the retaiw if I can see the umen, even though I often have the same thing. For the retsrat I really like the prawn cocktail which is prawns and salad in a pink sauce. For the mani I either have a roast dinner or fish and chips! If I am with someone, I always recommend these dishes. Then the same man comes back and asks me for my redro. If I'm really hungry, I might get ssertde too.

In the winter, the hot apple pie is fantastic and in the summer I choose the chocolate icecream. When the food arrives I am so happy! It tastes sodelicious! When I am finished I ask for the llib and I always, always send my compliments to the fech!

What are the orange words? Type your answers below:

  • 1. "btale" is:
  • 2. "retaiw" is:
  • 3. "umen" is:
  • 4. "retsrat" is:
  • 5. "mani" is:
  • 6. "redro" is:
  • 7. "ssertde" is:
  • 8. "llib" is:
  • 9. "fech"is: