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Restaurants: Learn 8 New Words

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Last week I visited a restaurant with three friends. I asked two of them to write down their opinions on it. Read through the interviews and see if you can answer the true or false questions below. Have you been to any interesting restaurants lately?

Lesson by Caroline

Marine's Interview

1. What restaurant did you go to? 
I had dinner at Meatliquor.

2. What did you eat? 
I had a cheeseburger (well-done) and some fries. 

3. Did you enjoy the food? 
I enjoyed the fries however not my cheeseburger. The burger was more charred than well-done. 

4. What did you think of the atmosphere? 
I thought the restaurant too noisy for a dinner with friends especially in the middle of a tiring week. I could barely hear anything. However, I wouldn't mind going back on a weekend or Friday when I'm less tired. I liked the decoration and the bar. 

5. How was the service? 
All in all the service was pretty disappointing, it took a long time to seat us and our server was extremely rude.

6. Would you recommend it to a friend?
I would recommend it to a friend but for a Friday night outing or a weekend. I would also tell them not to order their meat well-done!

Sophie's Interview

1. What restaurant did you go to? 

2. What did you eat? 
I had a bacon cheeseburger and then shared some buffalo wings and chips with a friend.

3. Did you enjoy the food? 
I loved it. I think they serve the best burgers in London and my friend said the buffalo wings are exactly like the ones in the states.

4. What did you think of the atmosphere? 
It was a bit noisy but it's really vibrant and exciting. It's always completely crowded.

5. How was the service? 
Unfortunately, our waiter was really rude. When I've been before the service has been amazing.

6. Would you recommend it to a friend?
Definitely. I think the bad experience with the waiter was just a one-off.

Useful Vocabulary

Well-done - (adjective) cooked completely. We use it to describe how well cooked red meat (steak) is. The opposite word is 'rare'. 'Medium' is in-between rare and well-done.
Charred - (adjective) made black from burning. Meat that has been cooked too much.
Barely - (adverb) hardly; almost not possible.
Seat - (verb) to give a person a place to sit.
Outing - (noun) a short trip that people take for fun usually as a group.
Chips - (noun; Bristish English) French-fried potatoes e.g. Fish and Chips.
Vibrant - (adjective) lots of activity and energy.
One-off - (noun) done or happening only once.

Now decide if the following statements are true or false:

  • 1. Marine and Sophie went to the same restaurant.

  • 2. Sophie didn’t really enjoy her food.

  • 3. Marine and Sophie thought the restaurant was loud.

  • 4. Sophie has been to the restaurant before.

  • 5. Marine would never recommend this restaurant to a friend.