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Review Simple Present Tense

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The Present Simple is learned when we first begin to study English and is used all the time.

Remember that for I/you/we/they the verb doesn't change but for he/she/it you add an s on the end!

For example:

"I buy a newspaper every Sunday."
"Sally buys a newspaper every Sunday."

Complete the gaps below using the verbs in the box. Add an s when needed.:

Clean / Cost / Meet / Like / Boil / Love / Speak / Close / Arrive / Read

Lesson by Amanda Pooley, EC Cape Town English School

  • 1. The Post Office at five o'clock.
  • 2. Clothes are so expensive! They a lot of money.
  • 3. Jane has a lovely voice. She so clearly.
  • 4. Shawn's house is always so dirty, he never it.
  • 5. Sam and I are really good friends. I like her and she me.
  • 6. I'm never bored at work because I lots of people every day.
  • 7. Water at 100 degrees.
  • 8. I love to in bed!
  • 9. She is never late, she always on time.
  • 10. My brother his car so much! It's a BMW.