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Running Vocabulary - High Intermediate

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Give your mind a workout

This one's for all you sporty people who need to brush up on your running jargon! Have a look at the vocabulary and match the words to their definitions...

1) Novice
2) Marathon
3) Hamstring
4) Warm-up
5) Treadmill
6) Peak Performance
7) Cramp
8) Quads / quadriceps
9) Dehydration
10) Endorphins


a) The sudden painful tightening in a muscle after a lot of exercise
b) A long-distance race, usually 42km
c) Someone who is new to the sport of running
d) A chemical naturally released in the brain to reduce pain
e) Equipment found in the gym used for running practise
f) The bands of tissue connecting muscles to bones at the back of the knee
g) Loss of water in the body
h) The muscles found just above your knees
i)  The highest level of running a individual has the ability to reach
j) The easy stretching and exercise done before a run to get the muscles warm and ready for the run.

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Today's lesson is by Amy Whiting, EC Cape Town English language school

Now complete these sentences using the correct form of these 4 words: speed, burn, complete, live

  • Running for 1 hour can approximately 500 calories
  • People who exercises generally longer than those who don't
  • Exercise can up the healing of wounds
  • The most marathons (949 in total) were by Horst Preisler of Germany between 1974 and 2000