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Same sound, different meaning

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Some words have the same sounds as other words, but they have different meanings and spellings.

Take a look at these examples and then take the quiz.

Won / One

He won a new car in a competition.
I have one brother and two sisters.

See / Sea

It's too dark to see anything. Turn the light on.
She went for a swim in the sea.

Their / There

There is a bird in the garden.
The children have done their homework.

Now choose the correct word in each sentence:

  • 1) What would you do if you ___ the lottery?

  • 2) I'll ___ you tomorrow.

  • 3) Japanese people take off ___ shoes when they get home.

  • 4) She has a ___ who cleans her apartment.

  • 5) A ___ is a type of story.

  • 6) You left your umbrella ___ the door.

  • 7) This shop is having a ___ next week. It will be much cheaper then.

  • 8) The table that's made of ___.

  • 9) She doesn't eat ___.

  • 10) She started to take piano lessons when she was ___.