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Shopping English

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Are you a shopaholic (a person who shops frequently)? Do you live to shop?

However you feel about it, a little retail therapy (shopping to make you happy) is often a good thing. While you're away on holiday in a foreign country, your family and friends are going to expect some small souvenirs (something you buy to help you remember a holiday/ a holiday present).

Here are a few expressions and words that will make your retail experience a whole lot more enjoyable.

Time to learn shopping English!

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  • How ___ is this vase?

  • I bought this coat here, but I'm unhappy with it. I want my money back. May I have a ___?

  • I bought this shirt, but it's too small. Can I ___ it for a bigger one?

  • A piece of paper which proves that you have paid/bought something:

  • I don't need any help. I'm just ___.

  • A period when things are sold at a lower price than usual is called:

  • I want to know if this dress will fit me. Can I try it ___?

  • Those trousers ___ $80.

  • We have ___ our prices by 10%.

  • When something is available to buy in the shops, it is:

  • I bought this jacket for only $25. It was a real ____.