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Shopping English: Exchange or Refund

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Would you describe yourself as a shopaholic or do you hate shopping? Do you like to go window shopping on the weekends, even when you have no money. When you want to buy something, do you shop around for the best price or are you an impulse shopper?


Have you ever bought an item and then returned it to the shop for some reason? When you want to take something back to the shop and change it for another one you can ask to exchange it:

"Hello, I bought this shirt here yesterday but it's too small. Can I exchange it for a bigger one?"


When you want to get your money back you can ask for a refund:

"I'm not happy with this product. I want my money back. Please give me a refund!"

Other useful words

shopaholic - a person who loves to shop.
to window shop - to look at items displayed in shop windows without buying anything.
to shop around - to visit a lot of shops before buying to make sure you get the best deal.
impulse shopper - a person who sees something they like and buys it immediately, usually without planning it.
take something back - to return something back.

Complete these sentences with the correct word:

  • 1 - We can ___ your money if you have the receipt.

  • 2 - I took the broken TV back to the shop and asked a ___.

  • 3 - Take it back and ___ it for a bigger one.

  • 4 - I'm not happy with the shoes you sold me. I'd like a full ___ now please.

  • 5 - I'm sorry, we can't give you your money back, but you can ___ it for another one.