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Shopping in London Lesson

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Shopping is one of my favourite activities, particularly when someone else is paying for it! London is renowned for its excellent shops and in this city you really can find anything. Different areas are known for different products, you might go to Oxford Street for some beautiful clothes or to Notting Hill for some quirky presents!
Read this article about the different shopping areas in London and see if you can complete the gaps with a correct missing words!

Also, a big well done to the first person who can tell us the meaning of 'quirky'!

Note: Text taken from 10best.com

Lesson by Caroline Devane

Missing words:

  • Alternative
  • Groceries
  • Bargain
  • Traffic
  • Legends
  • Revitalised
  • crowds
  • Market

Reading the following article on 4 of London's best shopping areas:

Covent Garden

Originally a monastery garden and then a fruit and vegetable _1_, Covent Garden has been reinvented in recent decades as a shopping and tourism attraction. Saved from demolition, the main, glass-covered market building serves as the centerpiece of a revitalized piazza. These days, _2_ wander the streets, browsing for clothing, antiques, crafts, books and souvenirs. Plenty of bars, restaurants and cafes cater to visitors, and talented buskers add lively ambience to the whole district.

Camden Town

Set in a bohemian, _3_ neighborhood north of London's center, Camden Market promises lots of cool, hip merchandise, often at _4_ prices. It's also a favorite of students and tourists, who relish the idea of getting terrific buys on leather goods, shoes, funky clothing, CDs and jewelry. Ethnic items, crafts, and all manner of souvenirs can also be found, along with a bounty of food shops and other local market venues. Great for people-watching too. TUBE: Camden Town


A neighborhood rife with upscale designer shopping venues, Knightsbridge prominently features two London _5_Not only are Harvey Nichols and Harrods (where the Queen gets her _6_ popular — they've also become tourist attractions. Accompanying them are plenty of historic attractions and boutiques, not to mention popular restaurants and bars.

Carnaby Street

What was, in the '60s, London's fashion epicenter has been _7_ as a pedestrian-friendly area offering the odd souvenir shop amongst the many trendy boutiques. Off Oxford Street and parallel to Regent Street, Carnaby gets a lot of foot _8_ and its bars and restaurants serve as gathering places for lunchtime and evening socializing. After you've braved the crowds on Oxford, step into this also-busy neighborhood for something more offbeat and contemporary-minded.

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Put the 8 missing words into the spaces below:

  • Missing word 1 is:
  • Missing word 2 is:
  • Missing Word 3:
  • Missing Word 4:
  • Missing Word 5:
  • Missing Word 6:
  • Missing Word 7:
  • Missing Word 8: