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Shopping Vocabulary

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How often do you go grocery shopping (shopping for food)? Do your family do one big shop a week or do you buy little and often? Do you shop in big supermarkets or at small local shops.

Below are seven words we associate with shopping (they are all nouns). The letters of these words have been scrambled (mixed up). Read the definition of each word and then use the letters to form the correct spelling. Type the words into the boxes provided:

  • 1) The thick and thin lines on a product so a computer can get the price:'roacbde'
  • 2) A metal basket on wheels that holds groceries while you are shopping: 'yleltor'
  • 3) Money mode of metal:'socni'
  • 4) People who buy things in shops:'scoutsrme'
  • 5) Flat boards fixed to the wall for products to be placed on:'veslhse'
  • 6) A device used for weighing food like fruits and vegetables:'csaesl'
  • 7) The place in a large shop where you pay for your things:'cuockthe'