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Should Have

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When we talk about mistakes we made in the past, we use 'should have' with a past participle.

Should Have

Use should have to talk about past events that did not happen.

Subject + should have + past participle

I should have worn a suit to the party.

You should have taken John with you.

We should have done more research.

Should Not Have

Use should not of to talk about regretting past actions.

Subject + should not have (shouldn't have) + past participle

I should not have stayed up so late.

We should not have invited so many people.

They should not have painted the room such a bright colour.

Now complete these ten sentences:

  • 1) I should ___ listened to your advice.

  • 2) You should not have ___ all the way.

  • 3) I should have ___ my umbrella.

  • 4) We shouldn't have ___ so many clothes.

  • 5) You should have ___ the truth.

  • 6) We should have been ___ to him.

  • 7) I should not have ___ so much money.

  • 8) He shouldn't have ___ so many mistakes.

  • 9) I really should not have ___ away those old books.

  • 10) She should't have ___ to him.