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'Shut' expressions

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When we close something or it becomes closed it is shut.

Can you shut the door, please?

She shut the suitcase.

He shut his eyes and listened to the music.

Here are some other common shut expressions:

Shut yourself away
When you stay at home so you don't have to see anyone, you shut yourself away. Usually because you or unhappy or because you need a quiet place to work/concentrate.

He shut himself away in his rooms for weeks after breaking up with his girlfriend.

The author shut herself away so she could finish the book she was writing.

When a business or machine shuts down, it stops working or operating forever or for a short time.

The small cinema in my town has shutdown.

I don't know what happened. My computer suddenly shutdown.

The resort shuts down in winter.

We can use shut up shop when a business closes for the day or forever.

Let's shut up shop for the weekend. See you all on Monday.

Their business wasn't making enough money so they decided to shut up shop.

Shut up or shut your mouth

You tell someone to shut up when you want them to be quiet. This is a very strong expression and should not be used in formal English. Shut your mouth has the same meaning.

Can you shut up? I'm trying to the movie!

Doesn't he ever shut up? He's been talking on the phone for hours!

You'd better shut your mouth before you get in trouble.

Shut somebody out
When you don't include someone in an activity or share your feelings with them, you shut them out.

I try to talk to her about how she's feeling, but she keeps shutting me out.

You have a right to know what's happening. Don't let them shut you out.

Now complete these shut expressions:

  • 1) My neighbour's dog won't stop barking. I wish it would shut ___.

  • 2) Time to shut ___ shop and go home.

  • 3) There used to be a lot of factories around here but they all ___.

  • 4) You can't shut yourself ___ in your room forever, you have to go out.

  • 5) He's trying to shut ___ the memory of the accident.