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Simple Past Tense Exercise

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Use the simple past tense to talk about actions that have already finished. It doesn't matter when in the past they happened or how long they happened for.

Take a look and compare the present tense verbs with simple past tense verbs in these two sentences.

I take my young brother to the park and buy him an ice-cream. We kick around a football, laugh and talk for hours.

Yesterday, I took my young brother to the park and bought him an ice-cream. We kicked around a football, laughed and talked for hours.

Simple Past Tense Exercise:  change the verbs in brackets to the simple past. Be careful with spellings.

  • 1) They all (go) ___ shopping.
  • 2) I never (imagine) ____ I would see you here.
  • 3) We (book) ___ two tickets for the show.
  • 4) He (collect) ___ his children from school.
  • 5) Were you (frighten) ___ of the dark when you were young?
  • 6) Who (eat) ___ my chocolate?
  • 7) I (feel) so tired that I went straight to bed.
  • 8) We (grow) ___ this tree from a seed.
  • 9) She (lose) ___ her way home.
  • 10) He thought I (steal) his umbrella.