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SMS English - Text Speak 'A-Z'

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'CU L8TR = See you later'

English changes with each new generation; new words appear and some words become old fashioned. The English we use today is very different from the English of Shakespeare’s times. Modern Technology has a lot to do with it.  It has made us less patient; who has time to write 'lots of love', when 'LOLO' will do. Love it or hate it, SMS English (Text English) is hard to avoid and often extremely cryptic. Here’s a short A to Z of what you can expect from SMS English. CU L8TR (see you later)!


A small A-Z of Text Message English (SMS)

 a) A3 = anytime, anywhere, anyplace

b) B4 = before

c) COS   =   because

d) DNT = don't

e) EZ = easy

f) FYI = for your information

g) GFI = go for it

h) HAND = have a nice day

I) ILBL8 = I'll be late

J) JK = just kidding

K) K = ok

L)  LOLO = lots of love

M) MYOB = mind your own business

N) N1 = nice one

O) OMG = oh my god

P) PLZ = please

Q) QIK = quick

R) RU = are you

S) SUL = see you later

T) TYSO = thank you so much

U) UW = you're welcome

V) VM = voice mail

W) WK = week

X) XME = excuse me

Y) YGTBKM = you've got to be kidding me                       

Z) ZUP = what's up?


Can you give us any other examples?