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So and Such

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In English we have many different ways of emphasing a particular point. Words like 'very' and 'extremely' are the most known by students.

Others ways to do this are with 'so' and 'such'.

If you say: "it's so hot today!", it's a stronger emphasis than saying "it's very hot today."

The structure is: SO + ADJECTIVE

Another alternative is by saying "It's such a hot day!" This is also stronger than 'very'

The structure is: SUCH + ADJECTIVE + NOUN

Choose the best answer for each question.

Good luck!

Lesson by Sebastian, EC Cape Town English Schol

  • 1. I can't believe that you were ___ stupid!

  • 2. I love my teacher, he's ___ nice person.

  • 3. I hated that movie. It was ___ boring.

  • 4. People in Brazil are ___ big fans of football.

  • 5. I was ___ tired that I fell asleep on the train.

  • 6. I really love eating sushi, it's ___ delicious.

  • 7. I think English is ___ interesting language.

  • 8. When we went on holiday we had ___ good time.

  • 9. Today felt like it wouldn't end! It was ___ long!

  • 10. He studies for at least 2 hours every day. He's ___ great student.