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Sports Idioms

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Lots of idiomatic expressions come from things people say to each other in sports. For example in fishing,'to get off the hook' means literally, for the fish to escape! These phrases have been adapted and, as idioms, can be used in a variety of circumstances. In each of these sentences, can you decide which idiom is needed?
Caroline Devane

Front runner - the person who is expected to win
To get a head start - to begin before the others
To chip in - to donate money or time
To get off the hook - to escape or get out of trouble.
To go overboard - to do or say more than you need to.
A long shot - a difficult thing to accomplish.
To skate on thin ice - to do something risky.
To be out of someone’s league - to be considered not good enough for someone.

Now complete the sentences with the correct idiom:

  • 1. In this year's Big Brother, Glyn is ___.

  • 2. If everyone ___ five pounds, we can buy Becky something really nice for her birthday.

  • 3. I'd love to win my category in the 2012 olympics, but I think it's a ___.

  • 4. Stop being rude to your mother, you're ___.

  • 5. I ___ this Christmas, I decorated the whole flat then bought a massive Christmas tree. I couldn't get it in the door!

  • 6. You owe me £3, but if you give me a massage I'll ___.

  • 7. He's so gorgeous, he's completely ___.

  • 8. If I wake up at 7AM this morning, I'll ___ on my day.