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'Stand' Phrasal Verbs

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Stand in

You stand in for someone when you replace them because they cannot do it:
She will stand in for me while I am away on holiday.

Stand down

When you leave a job or position so that someone else can do it instead of you, you stand down.
She will stand down as president of the company before her sixtieth birthday.

Stand out

When something is clearly better or more noticeable than the rest/others it stands out.
It’s important to make your job application stand out from the rest.

Stand by

You stand by when you are ready or available. You are waiting to do something.
There was a helicopter standing by outside his mansion.

Stand up

When you do not arrive for an appointment or date you had arranged you stand someone up.
My blind date stood me up last night. I waited one hour for him but he didn’t even call.

Now choose the correct word to complete these sentences:

  • Please stand ___, you will be called into the office soon.

  • There is a lot of pressure on him to stand ___ unless he can improve the company's performance.

  • I will stand ___ for James if he can't make it.

  • The girl I met on Tinder stood me ___. She didn't show up for our date.

  • Jenny really stood ___ from the crowd in her bright red dress.