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Student Budgets - Reading & Vocabulary

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One of the biggest concerns for students is how they are going to budget when they're not working full time.

Here are some handy tips to help you save some cash! Read the article and fill the gaps with the correct vocabulary from the list.

Lesson by Caroline Devane

Key Vocabulary

Reduce - make less.
Library - a place where you can borrow books for free.
Cash - money
Tax - money you pay the government.
Advertise - publicised.
Shift - time served doing work.
Options - choices.

Keep a spending list:

Ok this sounds boring, but I promise you if you keep a spending list for a month you'll be amazed where your money goes.

The first few months are really expensive, so that's not a true reflection, but after that your spending list should reveal a lot. Look at where your money goes and think about how you can _1_ it.

Are you buying sandwiches? Always drinking in bars? Using taxis instead of the bus? Stopping spending money on small things like this will save you a lot of money every month.

Work part-time:

There are many _2_, the most common being bar work and working as a waiter.

There are also good careers agencies within universities where they _3_ work.

If you don't want the commitment of a regular _4_ you can join a number of agencies and get silver service skills. This can build up to be fairly regular work, but without the commitment.

Work your Summers:

You know this already, but lots of people still don't do it. As a student you don't pay _5_ (claim it back in writing before April if you have!) so the cash can really pile up even if you're on low wages.

My advice is not to be too elite with agencies, either. Friends of mine have struggled with silver service and typing, while I've earned just as much having a laugh working in factories. Manual agencies often have more vacancies and can be more flexible with work, too.

Eat Vegetables:

This one is the least popular bit of advice, but vegetables are cheap and they'll keep you healthy.

Prescriptions may be free to students, but days off work aren't. Buying vegetables from an indoor retail market is so cheap you can eat like a king rabbit for pennies.

Avoid Fines:

Just a last point that's often forgotten - if you're in a student house you need a TV license. It's an expense at the start of the year, just when you don't need it, but if you club together for one it'll save you _6_ and worry in the long-term.

Also, remember to return your _7_ books on time, especially with those seven day loan books.

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