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Synonyms and vocab

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As you read through this text, pay attention to the orange words:

My Day

Well, I had a full day, today. First I woke up early and took my dog for a walk before I tidied up my apartment and did some laundry.

After a late breakfast, I took the shirt I bought back to the store and swapped it for a smaller one. Since I was going to town I arranged to catch up with my brother for lunch. We tried this new Italian place he hadn't been to, but heard was good. My lasagne yummy, I’ll definitely go there again.

After lunch I had an eye-test appointment at the optician's. I get my eyes checked every couple of years. This time the optician said I didn't need to change my spectacles as my eyesight hadn't gotten worse.

By the time I got in I only had time to rustle up something quick to eat before going out again. Once a week I help out at a local homeless charity, where I drive a van that makes food deliveries to people who live on the streets.

After such a long day, I thought I would be in the mood for relaxing in front of the TV. The thing is, I was so tired that when I got back I hit the sack almost straight away.

Choose the correct definitions of the the orange words:

  • 1) Tidied means:

  • 2) Swapped means:

  • 3) Catch up:

  • 4) Yummy means:

  • 5) Spectacles means:

  • 6) Rustle up:

  • 7) Help out means:

  • 8) Hit the sack: