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Take Phrasal Verbs

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We all know that phrasal verbs are one of the most difficult things to learn in English, so here’s a quiz to see how well you remember some of the ones beginning with ‘take’.

Remember, Phrasal Verb = verb + preposition.

For each sentence, chose the correct phrasal verb. Good luck!
Lesson by Caroline

  • 1. I ___ my Mother, our personalities are really similar.

  • 2. I think you should ___ what you said about my brother. It’s not true.

  • 3. I think I’m going to ___ a new sport next year, maybe tennis.

  • 4. The plane ___ three hours late.

  • 5. I was completely ___ by him. I really thought he liked me, but he is just an amazing actor.

  • 6. Make sure you ___ notes today. This lecture is really important.

  • 7. I think I’ve ___ too much this term, I barely have time to eat.

  • 8. I just need to make a phone call, please can you ___ for a second.

  • 9. Can you ___ the pasta sauce? I can’t reach it.

  • 10. My bed ___ too much space in my bedroom, but I like having a double bed.