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Talking about Movies: Misson Impossible 4

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The long wait is over as Tom Cruise finally returns to cinemas to resume his role of Ethan Hunt.

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol is the forth film in the franchise. The Mission: Impossible movies are a series of films based on the television series of the same name. Tom Cruise appeared in the first film in 1996. Since then the films have made over one billion dollars.

In this new film Ethan Hunt and his IMF are blamed with bombing Russia's Kremlin. He and three others must stop a man trying to start a global nuclear war.

Have you seen it, did you like it? Are you planning to see it?

Choose the verb that best completes each sentence:

  • 1) Tom Cruise is ___ in the latest Mission Impossible movie.

  • 2) Tom Cruise ___ the part of Ethan Hunt, leader of the International Missions Force.

  • 3) Credit goes to Tom Cruise for performing dangerous ___ himself.

  • 4) The film also ___ British comedian Simon Pegg.

  • 5) From beginning to end, there are plenty of action ___.

  • 6) The film is ___ by Brad Bird.

  • 7) The movie's ___ was written by Josh Appelbaum.