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Ten Word Film Review

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We asked our newsletter readers to write a film review using only ten words. 

Can you do better? Write your review in the comments area and remember: only use ten words!

Notting Hill:
The movie is about destiny and love. It is Notting Hill.
Muge Oztan,Turkey

Scent of a Woman:
Choosing right or wrong when at the crossroads of life.
Dana-Maria Onica

Bicentennial Man:
Andrew, the robot wants to follow his human being destiny.
Angela Bokor, Romania

Catch Me If You Can:
Catch me if you can characterises what is called challenge.
Afaf Saoudi

"Wilde"... accurate insight into the fascinating life of a genius.
Guaglianone M.Teresa

The Descent:
A horror and suspense film, wonderfully performed by its all female characters.
Sam Ait

I'm Sorry Mama:
The plot of this film reminds me the song of Eminem!
Darius Bushmakina

"Revolver" is all about our biggest enemy - our inner dialogue.
Alfiya Zaydulina

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button:
One man happened to... be born old & die young.

Mind Games:
A man married rich woman to get her inherited money from her father in Mind Games.
Radwa Alhadry

Lion King:
Lion King - a young lion king to inherit the kingdom.
Isaac Bless

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince:
Death and love, good and evil, beginnings and ends.Recommended.
Veera Ahlbom, Finland

Six Feet Under:
Everything, Everyone, Everywhere Ends - breath-taking, mind-bending, life-changing.
Rossie Mihova

Wuthering Heights:
"Wuthering Heights"A Vengeful Love Story between Heathcliff and Cathy.
Batoul Hamzi

Henry Wood Was Here:
Henry was here and now Henry is here.
Mouza Al Habsi

Seven pounds:
Film about man's guilty in accident and making sacrifice of himself to invalid people.
Vyacheslav Safronov

Ice Age - Dawn of the Dinosaurs:
Focusing not on the herd but on action-packed 3-D adventure.
Misbah Murshid, Pakistan

Town of Angels:
Film about Angel who fell in love and descented on the Earth for her.
Vyacheslav Safronov

Public Enemies:
The Feds try to capture notorious American gangster John Dillinger.
Jose Sanchez, Spain

Titanic was a self-indulgent waffle through which romance and disaster rolled into one.
Arash Minouie

Pretty Woman:
Where a pretty kind prostitute meets a handsome rich man.
Milena Privitera, Italy

A tragic love story aboard the hugest ship ever built.
Matteo Tondo, Italy

A teenage girl risks everything when she falls in love with a vampire.
Zanna Saskevic

Phat Girlz:
Fat girl in United States becomes thick madam in Nigeria.
Olivia Kpakpo

The Obedient Boy:
"The obedient boy" film shows how hard working gives success.

Sweet November:
Man. Career. Rush...Woman! Love! Life!..Cancer. Parting. Pain..Autumn...

Bridget Jones's Diary:
Mark confess that, despite all her faults he likes Bridget just the way she is!
Marija Andjelkovic

Human-vampire love - can't exist . Incredible story that scuffles to live.
Maja Pesko

Excellent scenario and realization, unseen acting and enough sex sceens.
Dragana Mihajlovic

Enigma on transformation of sequencial datas to an artificial intelligence.
Tugba Ozturk

The Red Violin:
The female destiny of a red violin through five centuries..!
Eva Sofia Vlachopoulou-Tourli

A story about the history in the 13th century between England and Scotland the war was happened because Scottish people looking for the freedom from English people.
Jaber Aljedany

Slumdog Millionaire:
This film has a proper plot of beginning middle and end.
Zohaib Aazhar

The House of the Spirits:
An intriguing family surrounded by shades of life and death.
Rocio E. Ore, Peru

My Life in Ruins:
Life can be wonderful. The only you need is 'kefi'.
Maria J. Raudona, Spain

War of the Worlds:
Taking over our world aliens are beaten by our diseases.
Jeroen van dooren, Spain

The Da Vinci Code:
The Da Vinci Code is a perfect mix of historical and fantastic.
Diego Corrao

The Other Bank:
The children's lives have been changed after the war. They lost everything. Even hope...
Lika Chelidze

Mamma Mia!:
Abba's songs, investigations on the true father with fun.
Simona Sereni, Italy

The Shawshank Redemption:
The most beautiful story of an unlikely friendship and human endurance.

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas:
The pain of a child because of love and discrimination.
Zully Brigette Matallana Paez

King Kong:
Mesmerizing presentation of typical ancient and extinct wildlife.
Stanley Sone Melle, Cameroon

Beautiful Mind:
The film is a real story about an increadibly beautiful mind of a human .
Dainora Lukaite, Lithuania

Lord of The Rings:
A horrify movie about a ring which must get destroyed.
Ajima Sunday

A thriller by Joel Coen and Ethan Coen. The movie was like "An american Masterpiece" But the thriller scenes was very aglyies.
Ali Akca

Madagascar is the best cartoon I have seen in years.
Giusy Novella

Dancer In The Dark:
A truly daring work. This is a powerful, brilliant film.
Dzanan Osmanovic, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Marvelous Adventure, Danger And Great Action. Spiritual Capture! Absolutely Rapture!

The Spanish gladiator defeats the Emperor and saves the Empire.
Amor Rodriguez Robles

Da Vinci Code:
A door to open an adventurous and mysterious world of symbols and history..
Mehmet Yazici

The Phantom of the Opera:
Fierce Jealousy, Unrequited Love..."Angel of Music" Came to Life...
Svetlana Kozlova, Russia

Bamba and the Colonists:
Bamba was supposed guilty, sent on exile, he backed holy.
Khazim Diop

Man!? Handbag!? Definitely the handbag! Shopaholic, an absolutely brilliant comedy.
Maike Richter, Germany

Beautiful City:
The film was talking about how to keep your environment clean.
Awadh Almenhali

Benjamin Button:
Benjamin Button: born old and disappeared into nothingness by rejuvenating.
Genevieve, Madagascar

Siberian Barber:
"Siberian Barber" is a great film about The Great Country.
Maria Novoseltseva

Kill Bill:
A woman wants to kill the man she loved, the father of her daughter: a dangerous killer, as she is.
Maria Laura Strini