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Test your Pronoun knowledge!

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'This is her' or 'This is she'?

His and Hers

His and hers are possessive pronouns. They are used to substitute a noun and to show possession or ownership.

Example: This hat is hers.

Note: We never use apostrophes with pronouns: 'Hers is black' is correct; not 'her’s is black'.

His and Her

His and her are possessive adjectives; they usually describe a noun. They come before the noun.

Example: This is her hat

He and She

He and she are personal pronouns they are used instead of the man's or woman's name.

Example: Do you know Susan? She is my sister.

Note: She is the nominative form of the word, so it can not be used to describe somebody who is the object of a sentence. For example 'This is she' is not correct because 'this' is the subject. The correct sentence should be 'This is her'.

Himself and Herself

Himself and herself are reflexive pronouns they are used when the object of a sentence is the same as the subject: the person who does the action of the verb is the same person who receives the action

Example: She did it herself.

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  • Can you drive ___ to work?

  • This cat is ___.

  • I heard that ___ won the lottery.

  • She said that she wanted to do it ___.

  • Do you think ___ is older than me?

  • There is a problem with ___ TV.

  • Has ___ called you yet?

  • She doesn't want to go by ___.

  • There is no way ___ will agree with me.

  • ___ brother is a doctor.

  • The boat is ___.

  • I think, that is ___.