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'The' and 'A': Using Articles

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This lesson tests your knowledge of the definite and indefinite articles as well as your food vocabulary! Read through the questions below and decide whether to put 'a, an or the' in the gap. Then let us know your answers to the questions. I've written my answers to give you some ideas and some extra reading practice!

Lesson by Caroline

English uses two articles: the and a/an. A/an is the indefinite article.

The refers to specific or particular nouns. The is a definite article.
"The restaurant near my work is really cheap." - Here we are talking about a specific restaurant.

A/an is used to modify non-specific or non-particular nouns. A/an is he indefinite article.
"Let's go to a restaurant tonight." - Here we aren't talking about a specific restaurant. At this time, it does not matter which one we go to.

Caroline's Answers >>

  • 1. What is ___ most delicious dessert?

  • 2. Do you often carry ___ orange in your bag?

  • 3. Does ___ apple a day keep the doctor away?

  • 4. Have you tried ___ Big Mac burger from McDonalds? It's delicious.

  • 5. Do you have ___ favourite meal?

  • 6. Which country makes ___ best food?

  • 7. Have you got ___ big kitchen?

  • 8. Have you ever cooked ___ romantic meal for someone?

  • 9. Are you ___ vegetarian?

  • 10. Do you like ___ coffee from Starbucks?