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The Beauty in Ugly - Pre Intermediate Level Listening

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This is a great song by Jason Mraz which is full of wonderful adjectives that we use to describe people. To get you focusing on them, I have removed a few. Which adjective goes in which gap?

P.S. I'd really love to know what type of music you like to listen to, so I can write some more musical lessons. Let me know!

A. beautiful
B. pretty
C. fabulous
D. big-hearted
E. smart
F. ordinary
G. passionate

She's so _(1)_,
but not so remarkable
just an _(2)_ humble girl
expecting nothing as we're made to think
its a _(3)_ person's world

but you are _(4)_ and you better go show it
go look again, you gotta be true to your own
if you really wanna go to the top
do you really wanna win?
don't believe in living normal, just to satisfy demand

well if you wanna get free
and if you wanna do the _(5)_ thing
and if you wanna get _(6)_ for the sake of your heart
you should own your name and stand up tall
and get real and see the beauty in ugly

well you are fresh, your face is _(7)_
don't forget you're one of a kind
when nobody is checking the deeds you've done
and nobody is hearing your cries
you make all of the fashion statements
just by dressing up your mind

Link: Personality Adjectives - 'What is she like?'

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