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The Body: What’s the word? Beginner/Elementary

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Bodies - we all have them. When you get to my age, you notice that they don’t work as well as they used to. Just like an old car, they’re harder to start in the morning, they don’t go as fast as they used to and they suddenly start making strange noises! But that’s enough about my problems.

 How well do you know these basic body parts in English? Type in the missing words. Thanks to Adele at EC Cape Town English school for today’s lesson.


Link: How to talk about health problems


  • 1 - This is where food enters the body (thoum)
  • 2 - An adult has about 32: (hteet)
  • 3 - This is used to smell with: (osne)
  • 4 - This helps people to speak and eat: (ntogeu)
  • 5 - These are what people use to kiss their girl-/boyfriends: (spil)
  • 6 - This is what you use to write with: (nadh)
  • 7 - People sometimes feel like this is broken: (earth)
  • 8 - People have different colours: (riah)
  • 9 - Everyone has two. They help with hearing and balancing: (reas)
  • 10 - You’ll find this between your head and your body: (knec)