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The Future Perfect Tense

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How many friends will you have spoken to by this time next week?

Which TV shows will you have watched by this time tomorrow?

Where will you have lived by the time you retire?

All these questions ask what 'will have' happened by some future time. Use the future perfect tense to talks about the past in the future.

How to form the Future Perfect Tense

Subject + will have + past participle + object

I will have finished by 5pm.
He will not have left for work. (negative)
Will the students have gone back to school in September? (question)

We often use the future perfect to talk about something that 'will have' happened up to a specific point in the future:

Now complete these future perfect sentences:

  • 1 - By this time next year I will have ___ from university.

  • 2 - Will you have ___ enough money to study abroad next year?

  • 3 - Do you think you will have ___ childern by the time you are 30?

  • 4 - They will ___ cooked dinner.

  • 5 - Do you think they ___ have received my letter by Thursday.

  • 6 - They will have arrived in Spain ___ now.

  • 7 - I'm sure ___ will have stopped snowing by tomorrow.

  • 8 - She will have lived in Brighton ___ 10 years by next June.