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The Gerund

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Gerunds are nouns made from verbs by adding -ing.

We enjoyed learning about London's history

The dogs kept barking at night.

I started walking to work.

The gerund can be a subject

Running has been life since she was teenager.

Smoking is a terrible habit.

Gerund with prepositions

He is good at swimming

Gerund with phrasal verbs and to

We ended up watching a movie.

I am used to moving house a lot.

Now choose the correct form to complete each sentence:

  • 1) ___ is the best way to learn English.

  • 2) She loves ___.

  • 3) I recommend ___ plenty of fruit.

  • 4) I never expected to ___ the competition.

  • 5) What did you ___ for lunch?

  • 6) Please stop ___ and listen.

  • 7) Do you like ___?