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The Olympics Opening Ceremony

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I was very excited to hear more details about the Olympics opening ceremony, particularly as it’s in my city this year and some of my friends are performing in it! Read through this article and try to answer the true or false questions below.

What are your opinions on the Olympics? Do you think London will be a good host? As always, let us know your opinions!

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Lesson by Caroline

Olympic Ceremony True or False

Europe's largest bell will ring to start a £27m Olympic opening ceremony inspired by Shakespeare and featuring NHS nurses and 900 local pupils.

The show's artistic director, Danny Boyle, said the 'Isles of Wonder' ceremony was inspired by The Tempest.

One billion people are expected to watch the opening ceremony on 27 July.

Billy Elliot director Steven Daldry, London 2012's executive director of ceremonies, said the task of putting on "the greatest shows on earth" - albeit with a budget of £81m - equated to the task to producing 165 West End musicals at the same time.

Boyle, who is best known for directing Oscar-winning film Slumdog Millionaire and Trainspotting, said the Isles of Wonder theme captured the essence of Britain.
"We'll be celebrating the whole of the country... there are so many Isles of Wonder," he said.

With an original £27m to spend on the opening ceremony - far less than the £65m given to Chinese film director Zhang Yimou for the Beijing 2008 spectacular - Boyle said he would be taking his lead from previous Olympics.

"You're standing on shoulders of giants - you cannot but live in the shadow of your predecessors," he said.

He described Beijing's opening ceremony as "extraordinarily, eye-wateringly spectacular" and that of Athens 2004 as "incredibly beautiful". But Boyle said he would be most honoured if his spectacle was compared to the opening of Sydney 2000 - "a wonderful people's Games".

Some 900 youngsters from the six Olympic host boroughs would be given roles in the opening and closing ceremonies, he added.

A total of 1,650 children from 18 primary and seven secondary schools in east London have been auditioning for the roles in recent weeks.

Boyle also revealed that nurses would have a starring role in the ceremony sequence because, he said, the NHS is one of things that is "unique about us... along with our sense of humour".

While organisers will try to keep some part of the opening ceremony secret, protocol dictates it will include a welcoming of the Queen by IOC and Locog bosses, a parade of athletes, and the ceremonial lighting of the Olympic flame - the culmination of the 70-day Olympic torch relay around the British Isles.

Some 15,000 performers using 25,000 costumes will take part in the opening and closing ceremonies of both the Olympic and Paralympic Games. They will be drawn from members of the public and more than 10,000 have already been auditioned.

To read the full article visit: www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-16747032

Now decide if the following sentences are true or false:

  • 1. Hospital workers will be performing in the Olympic opening ceremony.

  • 2. The director of the ceremony, Steven Boyle is best known for directing Billy Elliot.

  • 3. Out of the past few, Boyle was most impressed by Beijing’s opening ceremony.

  • 4. Children from across London will have the unique opportunity to perform in the ceremony.

  • 5. The Olympic torch will travel around Britain before reaching the Olympic stadium.

  • 6. Only 5000 people have auditioned to perform in the ceremony so far.