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The position of Phrasal Verbs

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'Take it easy' or Take easy it'?

changing the position of objects in phrasal verbs

Phrasal Verbs can often be split when they use an object. For example we can say:

'I'm going to take off my shirt.'
'I'm going to take my shirt off'.

My shirt is the object in the above sentences. Both sentences have the same meaning.

Another example is:

'Can you pick up that magazine?'
'Can you pick that magazine up?'

how to use pronouns with phrasal verbs

When we use a pronoun (in this case it) as the object (my shirt) we can only use one form:

GOOD: 'I'm going to take it off.'
BAD: 'I'm going to take off it.'

Let's take a look at another example:

GOOD: 'Throw them away.'
BAD:'Throw away them.'

Now read through the sentences below and decide if they are GOOD or BAD English:

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  • Did you wake her up?

  • Put on the table it.

  • Turn off it.

  • Let's ask them out for a meal.

  • Write down your name.

  • Put away them.

  • Take it back.

  • Will you pick up me from the station?

  • Let in us. We don't have a key.

  • He tried to get a job there, but they turned him down.