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The Royal Wedding

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There is much anticipation for William and Kate's Royal Wedding, which is taking place tomorrow.

It is the wedding of our future king, as well as the first royal wedding for eleven years. Read this article, which tells us the facts we need to know about the day and see if you can fit the vocabulary into the correct gaps.

Study Tip: Do you ever try and guess how the vocabulary relates to the story. How do you think the royal wedding could be related to a turkey?!

Key Words

Fairytale - having a special or beautiful quality, like something in a children's story.
Generations - period of about 23 to 30 years, in which most human babies become adults and have their own children.
Taxpayer - all the people who pay tax to the government.
Charities - organizations which provide money or help to people who are in need because they are ill, poor or have no home.
Turkey - a large bird grown for its meat on farms.
Memorial - an event held to remember or honour a dead person.
Service - an religious event held in a church e.g. wedding, funeral or funeral.


The date, Friday 29 April, is in the diaries of the dedicated - so, like David Cameron back in 1981, they can camp out along the route - and of the disinterested who are mulling over whether to exploit the plethora of bank holidays on offer around this time and head off. For those who don't flee, the focus, initially, will be on the wedding venue, Westminster Abbey. It's been at the forefront of royal ceremonies for _1_. Despite its size, officials argue it has the feel of an intimate space.


The couple have gone out of their way to ensure they haven't ruffled any feathers in the Church of England hierarchy. The Dean of Westminster will conduct the _2_; the Archbishop of Canterbury will marry Prince William and Kate Middleton; and the Bishop of London, Richard Chartres, will deliver the sermon. He is an impressive orator, and a friend of the Prince of Wales and his son. At the _3_ service to mark the tenth anniversary of the death of William's mother, the bishop issued this rallying call: "Let it end here. Let this service mark the point at which we let her rest in peace"


William and Kate, according to those who work for them. (Don't every couple convince themselves/delude themselves that they're totally in control of their big day?) The challenge is to organise a wedding which is fit for a future King; which doesn't skimp on the ceremonial; but which isn't over the top at a time of austerity.


As a nation we've moved on from the _4_ royal weddings of the past and this one is taking place during a sustained period of belt-tightening. So, the Windsors and the millionaire Middletons will bear much of the costs from their private incomes. However, the _5_ will still foot the hefty, but never disclosed, security bill.


Put away the toaster, the pepper grinder and that freshly purchased set of lilac towels. Donations to nominated _6_ are an option being explored. It would spare the couple the challenge of thanking those who give more unusual presents. Back in 1947, William's grandmother received a _7_ from a woman in Brooklyn who thought the then princess was living in a post-war country where there was little to eat.
Articke taken from BBC

Which word should be used in each gap:
Lesson by Caroline Devane

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