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There, Their and They're

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Because most native English speakers pronounce the words there, their and they're the same way, it can be difficult to understand the difference in meaning. The difference in meaning is very important when writing. Using the wrong one in your email is a big mistake. Let's find out the difference in meaning.


There is used to show that something exists or happens. Use there for positions - there is the opposite of here.

Is there a post office nearby?

There was a problem with report.

We are almost there.


Their means belonging to them. It is the third person plural possessive adjective. Their usually comes before a noun.

That is their dog.

Is this their house?

Their car is parked outside.


They're is the contracted form of they are, so when you use they are you can also use they're.

I think they're still sleeping.

They're both younger than me.

They're going open the new store next month.

What's the correct word to use in these sentences? Let us know how many you get right!

  • 1) ___ songs are the best.

  • 2) Where did they leave ___ things?

  • 3) Is ___ any milk left?

  • 4) I heard ___ having a great time.

  • 5) ___ was a lot of rain last night.

  • 6) ___ sitting in the garden.

  • 7) ___ used to be a park here.

  • 8) Were you ___ when the accident happened?

  • 9) ___ parents want them to go to university.

  • 10) ___ planning a surprise party.