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Here were the five most popular lessons on http://learnenglish.ecenglish.com from May, 2009.
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1 - '-ed' and '-ing' adjectives: describing feelings and things

(Lesson added: 11 July, 2008)

Still a popular lesson after 9 months, learn these all-important adjective endings:


2 - Which sentences have mistakes only - part 5

(Lesson added: 7 May, 2009)

Read through the five sentences and decide if they have any mistakes:


3 - Listening - What's happening?

(Lesson added: 6 May, 2009)

Listen to two friends having a short chat and then take the quiz:


4 - Listening - Talking about childhood

(Lesson added: 22 April, 2008)

Listen to Francis talking about his childhood and take the quiz:


5 - In the news: Swine Flu

(Lesson added: 30 April, 2009)

A topical reading and vocabulary lesson on Swine Flu: