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This & that

This and that are for singular nouns.
This is used for an object which are near to use
That is used for an an object which is not near to us.
"This is my pen in my hand."
"That is my bag you are carrying."

These & those

These and those are for plural nouns.
These are used for objects which are near to use.
Those are used for objects which are not near to use.
"These are my new shoes I'm wearing."
"Those were my co-workers at the meeting."

Lesson by Amanda, teacher at EC Cape Town English school

Put in this, that, these or those:

  • 1. Get me keys from the table.
  • 2. Did you hear something? What was noise?
  • 3. Who are people over there?
  • 4. Do it way, not like that.
  • 5. Why am I still working at company?
  • 6. Who said ?
  • 7. Why did she marry idiot?
  • 8. Everyone follow me. Come way, please.
  • 9. grapes are really sweet!
  • 10. Come and look at picture.
  • 11. is my friend Paula.
  • 12. Ouch! shoes are hurting my feet.