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Three-word 'As' Expressions

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You will find the following phrases useful while speaking English, as well as writing in English.

See what we did there? That was the first example of the idiomatic expression as well as.

We have chosen four different phrases for you. Each one is easy to remember and comes with two examples:

As well as

Meaning:  in addition to something or someone else; also


  • Please don't forget to bring your course book as well as your homework.
  • I plan to go swimming as well asdiving this afternoon, after school.

As soon as

Meaning: just after something; when one action follows another


  • I will call you as soon as I have finished shopping.
  • I met my mother as soon as I had left the school.

As far as

Meaning: to the extent or degree of something


  • As far as I know, we will be visiting the National Art Museum on Friday.
  • As far as I can remember, her name is Alice and she is ten years old.

As long as

Meaning: provided that; on condition that


  • Mum said we can go to the party, as long as we promise to be home by midnight.
  • I'm happy as long as my friend is sitting next to me during the lesson.

Lesson by Krista

Questions and answers:

  • 1. Michael brushed his teeth ___ he finished eating his chocolate.

  • 2. I don't mind where we go, ___ there is a good restaurant in the area!

  • 3. James and Jake returned at eight, ___ we know.

  • 4. Chris offered to prepare the food for Daniel's party, ___ clean up after the guests leave!

  • 5. I enjoy reading ___ riding my bike on Saturday mornings.

  • 6. Baby Lucy won't cry ___ her favourite doll is with her.

  • 7. Tom said he will be joining us for the picnic, ___ I know!

  • 8. ___ Mary arrived, it began to rain.

  • 9. I will sweep the floor ___ I have dusted the furniture.

  • 10. You can borrow my car, ___ you promise to drive slowly and carefully!