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Time Expressions

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Here's a view review to test your knoweledge of prepositions used in time experssions.

Complete these sentences with in, at, on, for, ago, since or nothing (you must type in the word 'nothing' when no time expression is needed).

There are 15 questions to try, let us know how many you got correct and which ones you got wrong.

Lesson by Ian at EC Cape Town English school

  • 1. I left school 2005.
  • 2. His girlfriend left him 3 months and he's still depressed.
  • 3. We're meeting them 14:30, so don’t be late.
  • 4. Joe taught a class Tuesday last week.
  • 5. It's been 2 years I've travelled abroad.
  • 6. I would like to invite you to dinner next Friday.
  • 7. The movie begins March.
  • 8. Veronica usually goes to bed midnight.
  • 9. We moved into this house many years .
  • 10. I've been working on this problem hours and I still can't solve it.
  • 11. What were you doing last night?
  • 12. I've been playing guitar I was 13 years old.
  • 13. Monday there will be a meeting for all the students.
  • 14. They've been talking a while now, I wonder if everything’s alright
  • 15. We serve our guests turkey Christmas.