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"By going away to university she's entering a new phase in her life."

Take a look at the following ten sentences and then try matching the words in bold to their definitions below:

"The police were brought in to maintain order in the neighbourhood."
"Have you read the current issue of Time magazine?"
"We're having some minor problems with our software. We should have it fixed soon."
"By going away to university she's entering a new phase in her life."
"He was sent to prison for the fatal shooting of his brother."
"The museum has some interesting artefacts from ancient Egypt."
"They received a donation of $1 million from Ecosoft Ltd."
"I got a free sample of perfume when I bought some make-up."
"The Media have recently  shifted their attention onto economic issues."
"People started to panic when the fire-alarm rang."

Note: Artefact is spelled artifact in American English.


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  • A sudden strong fealing of fear which stops you from being calm:
  • To continue; to keep:
  • Causing death:
  • Small; not important:
  • A small amount of something given so you can try it:
  • Moved; changed:
  • Now; of the present time:
  • Ojects made by people, usually historical:
  • A stage or period of time when something develops:
  • Money or goods given to help an organisation, group or charity.