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Time Phrasal Verbs

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Time is like money, we never seem to have enough of it! Do you think you manage your time wisely? Are you good at getting things done on time? Today we look at 14 phrasal verbs that are related to how we use time.

Clock in - record the time people arrive at work, usually at a machine with a clock.
Clock out - record the time people leave work.
Take off - spend time away from work.
Move up - change the date or time of something so that it happens earlier than expected.
Pressed for - not have enough of something, usually time or money.
Fit in - find time to do something or see someone
Press on (with something) - continue doing something in a determined way.
Run out - come to an end (of the period of time of a document or agreement).
Get together - to meet to spend time with each other.
Hang out - to spend a lot of time with someone.
Look for - to try to find something.
Mess around - to waste time doing silly things.
Latch onto (somebody) - to join somebody or a group.
Hang on - to wait for someone.

Choose the correct phrasal verb to complete each sentence. You will only need to use each verb once:

  • 1 - I'm ___ time to finish this report before the end of the day.

  • 2 - All the factory must ___ before starting work each day.

  • 3 - I haven't seen your for ages, let's ___ this weekend.

  • 4 - She ___ of time before she could finish the exam.

  • 5 - The company has decided to ___ the release of their new phone from May to March.

  • 6 - Don't forget to ___ before you go home tonight

  • 7 - They're always ___ , they are never serious. I wish they would grow up.

  • 8 - I haven't had a holiday for a long time. I should ___ for a while and go somewhere nice.

  • 9 - Let's ___ this afternoon and practice tomorrow's presenation.

  • 10 - ___, don't leave without me! I'll be there in a minute.

  • 11 - The boys tried to ___ the girls at the party, but the girls weren't interested.

  • 12 - Sorry I'm late, I had to ___ my keys.

  • 13 - We haven't got time to discuss that. We need to ___ with topic of day's meeting.

  • 14 - The doctor is very busy today, but he may be able to ___ just after lunch.