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Time for some fashion vocabulary!

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We've put together a small set of common words, phrases and expressions which we think will come in handy for those who follow fashion…
For those of you who aren’t that interested, we still hope this will help you have a conversation about the subject. You never know enough vocabulary, right?

Short words/ phrases

Accessories – items you wear; could be anything from jewellery and belts to hats and bags.
Example: My sister just can't have enough accessories! Her bedroom is full of shoes and bags.

Apparel – another word for clothes, clothing and garments
Example: I don't think you're wearing the right apparel for a funeral.

Trendy – an adjective used to describe someone who is very fashionable or stylish. Comparative – trendier, Superlative – trendiest)
Example: Andrew looks so trendy in his light blue shirt and dark jeans!

Fashion iconused to refer to someone or something that has become popular for being extremely fashionable
Example: 'Jackie O' is regarded as a universal fashion icon. She always looked very stylish and elegant in her Chanel, Givenchy and Dior dresses.

High-steppercasually used to describe someone who is very aware or conscious of fashion and how he/ she looks.
Example: Emma and Claire are the top two high-steppers in school!


to have an eye for fashion

Meaning: to be aware of the fashionable items (clothes, shoes etc.) you wear/ worn by others around you; to know what is in fashion or not.

Example: Marie has an eye for fashion. She’s great at choosing what to wear!

to have a sense of style

Meaning: to be aware of your own individual fashion preferences and taste

Example: Marco's sense of style is unique. I can’t think of anyone who dresses the way he does!

to dress for the occasion

Meaning: to wear something suitable for an event, party or special occasion.

Example: There's Nadine and Tom's wedding next month. I'll most definitely dress for the occasion!

to strike a pose

Meaning: to take on a certain position or posture

Example: Sebastian struck a pose in front of the mirror as soon as he stepped into the gym.

to strut your stuff

Meaning: to look good (can also be used to refer to someone who shows what he/she can do or his/ her talents)

Example: Look at how she struts her stuff! No wonder she's so popular.

Lesson by Krista

Questions and Answers:

  • 1. It's time for the class photo! Come on everyone, ___!

  • 2. There is Valentina’s lucky birthday celebration next week. Do you plan to ___?

  • 3. You don’t have to ___: we all know how pretty and talented you are!

  • 4. I'm running out of ___ to wear with my summer dresses. Would you like to join me for some shopping?

  • 5. Chantal Brown has become this town’s ___. All the young girls are inspired by her style.

  • 6. The movie star would ___ whenever the paparazzi were in sight.

  • 7. I wish you would go shopping with me. You have such a sharp ___!

  • 8. Most people are born with a natural ___. Choosing which clothes and accessories to buy is just too easy for them!