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Too & Not Enough

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Use not enough and too when something is inadequate.

Too + Adjective

When the amount of something is more than needed/wanted we can use too + adjective. It is only used in negative situations.

It's too cold in this room, close the door.

I'm too tired to play football tonight.

She said she was too old to go to nightclubs.

Not + Adjective + Enough

Use the not + adjective + enough form for something lacking the amount or level that is needed.

I'm not thin enough to wear these jeans.

My house isn't big enough to host a party.

My car isn't dirty enough yet for a wash.

Now choose the best form to complete each sentence:

  • 1) The room was ___ , we couldn't get a seat.

  • 2) James is too ___.

  • 3) The service really ____.

  • 4) Accidents happen when you are not ___ enough.

  • 5) I'm ___ enough to run a marathon.

  • 6) She ___ live close enough to walk to work.

  • 7) I was too embarrassed ___ say anything.